Cultural Values

“Our agency was built on a simple family principle….that all persons with Developmental Disabilities deserved a full and rewarding life in their communities.”


We respect the complex diversity of those we work with and those we serve. We respect the privacy and personal property of those we serve and those we work with. We treat all around us with respect and in the same way that we wish to be treated. We respect our agency culture.


Everyone works toward our common goal and knows their role in achieving it. We rely on each other; our greatest triumph is to be able to ask for and accept help. Individual performance is important but good teamwork is essential. When a team does not work well it takes all members to put it back on course. Teams make things happen, good teams make better things happen. There is strength in numbers.


Direct Support practice is a profession with an important set of characteristics that set it apart from other caregiving professions. We have no room for drama; it takes away from our professional identity. We do not bring our troubles and personal problems with us to work. We respect the integrity of those we work with. We dress appropriately for the workplace and practice good personal hygiene.

Teaching and Learning

We believe that we have to be learners to be teachers. We are a learning organization and we learn the most from our clients. We strive for continuous improvement in our work. We consider ourselves lifelong learners and increase our knowledge with classroom and online training and PATHS certification. We set goals for our learning and work hard to achieve them.


We have a personal belief that what we are doing makes a difference because it is not all about the money. We arrive for work on time and are dependable. Cell phones take away from our work. We are dedicated to our clients and see their needs as our top priority. We believe that we can always do better than the status quo.


Ethics and values guide our actions in our daily practice. We believe in the NADSP Code of Ethics and we will not let anyone take advantage of those we support. We do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason because the humanity of others drives our work. We maintain confidentiality and privacy for our clients and other staff members.

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