“Group homes and family style group homes were the goal that the founders of this organization and our current goal should be to help persons with IDD live that full and rewarding life that we all want to have.”

Welcome House Goals

Michael T George Groundbreaking

Michael T George Groundbreaking

The overall goal of the residential program is to create a supportive atmosphere in which the individuals of the home would develop independence and a sense of competence by experiencing success in both the home and the community.

Aiming for each individual’s maximum potential
We attempt to meet each person’s mental, physical, and social needs by actively seeking out individual strengths, interests or talents and building on them. In essence, the goal of Welcome House is to aim for each individual’s maximum potential in developing and maintaining a well-balanced and personally satisfying life.

A more integrated and involved lifestyle

The supported living program assists a client to reside in settings of their choice and to be even more integrated and involved with the community where they have chosen to live, work and socialize. For some individuals, this means an opportunity to remain living in their own family homes. For others, these services could aid them in their pursuit of an even greater independent participation in the community where they have decided to make their home in a rental or even self-owned property.

Welcome House believes that our mission includes:

  • The creation of a full spectrum of residential and community based services, which would provide a variety of alternative living situations for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).
  • The use of all available resources within and outside of our agency to meet the individual needs of our clients. These individual needs are a priority over administrative process in developing alternatives.
  • The individual wishes, desires and choices of the client, as well as their skill level and potential for growth will heavily influence all administrative and programmatic decisions.
  • Meeting the need of current clients takes precedent over expanding services to meet the needs of new clients.
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