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“Our agency was built on a simple family principle….that all persons with Developmental Disabilities deserved a full and rewarding life in their communities.”

About Welcome House

Welcome House, Inc. is dedicated to helping individuals with developmental disabilities live full and rewarding lives by providing a variety of residential services in an atmosphere of a caring community. Welcome House currently provides residential services to over 200 individuals with developmental disabilities every day in a total of 45 residential sites. The residential program creates a supportive atmosphere in which the residents of the homes can develop independence and a sense of competence by experiencing success at home and in the community. Welcome House is committed to ensuring excellence in care, compassion and the services we provide.

Welcome House staff is dedicated to working with each individual to achieve his or her maximum potential. We attempt to meet each person’s mental, physical, and social needs by actively seeking out individual strengths, interests or talents and building on them. In essence, the goal of Welcome House is to aim for each individual’s maximum potential in developing and maintaining a well-balanced and personally satisfying life.

In 1972, West Haven Foundation for the Retarded – the precursor to Welcome house — was established by a group of parents of individuals with developmental disabilities. They sought to create a home in Cleveland’s western suburbs where their adult children could live when their families could no longer care for them. The first group home opened in 1981 and housed eight men who lived in that home for the remainder of their lives.


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