“Our agency was built on a simple family principle….that all persons with Developmental Disabilities deserved a full and rewarding life in their communities.”


Everyone who knows Robin says she has a great sense of humor and is pleasant to be around! Robin lives at Green Road House. Robin has lived here for many years. She enjoys, movies, drawing, traveling, and spending time with family. Robin works seasonally at Progressive Field as a greeter. Robin loves to work and has been at Progressive field for 10 years. She also attends Bridges Day program services. Robin is a Jehovah witness and her religion is very important to her. She enjoys attending Kingdom Hall. Robin is wheel chair bound but does not let her wheel chair define her! Robin was not born with her disabilities, she was about 19 years old and became sick, and was hospitalized. Robin also struggles with her speech and likes to take her time but does not like or need people to speak for her, she is a determined and happy individual!