“Our agency was built on a simple family principle….that all persons with Developmental Disabilities deserved a full and rewarding life in their communities.”


Janet may be one of Welcome House’s busiest clients!  Janet, who has autism and other developmental disabilities, truly relishes the community access provided to her.  In addition to her job at the Beachwood Adult Activity Center, Janet relishes all types of live entertainment —  scouring the newspaper for live music and plays she would like to attend.  The staff at Jennings House in Warrensville Heights where she lives takes great care to make sure she has a full schedule!  From visiting her mom and sister with whom she is very close, to participating in a walking club, and taking vacations to Kalahari and Indian Bear Lake, there isn’t a lot of down time for Janet!  Janet has been with Welcome House since 1998, and while she still visits her mother regularly, those visits have become shorter due to issues relating to her mother’s aging.  Janet has built a full life —  taking advantage of all the community has to offer.