Welcome House

Opening doors for people with developmental disabilities


Thank You Donors

Donations and Gifts February 2012-February 2013

Steudel Founders $2,500+

Florence Andrews
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Minute Men Human Resource System
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linnevers
Ohio Security Traders Association
Superior Beverage

Dream Builders $1,000-$2,499

Ethan Boron
Betty L. Case
Clinton Delafield
House of LaRose
Dee Kuclo
Laborer’s International Union Local 860
David and Patricia Lombardo
Brian A. McBride/Arthur B. McBride, Sr. Family Foundation
Nancy Nebenzahl
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nottrodt
Robert and Melissa Pfaff
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Schwartz
Todd Associates
John and Hope Veldhizen

Success Builders $500-$999

Bay State Polymer Distribution, Inc.
FirstMerit Bank
Richard and Susan Gilbert
Al and Alison Hollingsworth
Irish American Club – East Side, Inc.
The Jeff Phillips Memorial Fund
Wayne and Barbie Luczywo/Whitehouse Construction
Mark McCaffrey
Medical Mutual of Ohio
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Employees, Dress Down Fridays, to recognize Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Awareness Month
Red Seal Electric Co., Inc.
Signum Inc.
George and Mary Kay Vaul
Brian and Christa Vesy
Walter & Haverfield LLP

Independence Builders $250-$499

Mr. and Mrs. G. Bruce Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Becker
Brunswick Auto Mart
Fraternal Order of Police Associates, Inc.
Fr. Eric Gauchat
Steve Plouck
The Reminger Foundation
Mary R. Sauer
Dr. Scott Sazima
Brock Walter
Laura L. Zimmer

Opportunity Builders $100-$249

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Alexander
Irving Bergrin
Bobbi Burkey
William Burkey
Dr. Adam Costarella
Attorney General and Mrs. Michael Dewine
James Faucett/Aries Distribution
Merle Gordon
Brian Green
Kenneth Gurchensky
Mr. and Mrs. Samir Haikal
Mr. and Mrs. William Hild
W. Benoy and Suzanne Joseph
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Koster
Steve and Michelle Kuri
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kusnic
Mark McCaffrey
William Meidell
Gloria Moore
Wayne Morgan
Fulton and Thea O’Donoghue
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Otto
Ruth Parsons
Harold and Ivana Pauley
Spencer Seaman, Jr.
Stan Sech
Shannon Patton & Duke Southworth
Wayne Stanko
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Thomas
Ann Hersh Toedtman
Bruce and Sharon Waffen
Mary Ann Walter
Marcella Walters
Women in Mission/United Methodist Church
Doug and Jody Zetlaw

Support Builders and Friends

Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Baker
Richard and Connie Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Becker
Dorothy and Terry Blon
Cheryl Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carpenter
Lucille Conde
Maria Conte
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Covich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darrah
Frances Dinardo
Marie Donelan
Jean Gallagher
Merle Gordon
John and Gloria Homolak
Jayne Juvan
Mary Kimble
Dru Kosik
Dr. Robert and Anita McEvoy
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Messner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mills
Betty Monroe
Margaret Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Murnan
Andrew Olshakoski
Chris and Paulette Pavone
Charlotte Rodriguez
Robert Rosing
James and Sharon Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Russo
Brian Seidner
Leola Slemons
Rose Sutton
Teamsters Local No. 436
Dick and Fran Weidokal
Gary Wismar

In Honor of the Alexander Family

Elizabeth Goodwin

In Honor of Robert & Lori Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Becker

In Honor of Jennie Bullard

Mr. and Mrs. William Newkirk

In Honor of Lindsay Case

Jack and June Wismar

In Honor of Betty L. Case

Thomas D. Woodbery

In Honor of Kimberley Case

Thomas D. Woodbery

In Honor of the George Family

Angelo Gallo

In Honor of Michael T. George

Kimberly Corrigan
Senator Tom Patton

In Honor of Richard and Susan Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Sean O’Reilly

In Honor of Alison Hollingsworth

Thomas D. Woodbery

In Honor of Al & Alison Hollingsworth

Evan Woodbery

In Honor of the Licciardi Twins

Marcia Ferguson and Joe Tokar

In Honor of Leslie Merriman

Kimberley Case
Tony Thomas

In Honor of Katie Nebenzahl

Frank Yurich

In Honor of Christina Petras

Michael and Mary Ellen Petras

In Honor of Jennifer Ross

Dorothy Friedl

In Honor of Bobby Ulery

Michelene Maniscalco

In Honor of All Welcome House Employees

Andrew Horvath

In Honor of the Anniversary of the first Welcome House Home

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Archer

In Honor of Welcome House 40th Anniversary

Barry Freeman

In Honor of Nancy and Howie Williams

Joe Cooney
John and Trisha Cooney
Michael Cooney

In Honor of Evan Woodbery

Thomas D. Woodbery

In Honor of Larry Zetlaw

Mr., and Mrs, William Zetlaw

In Memory of Eric Andrews

Joanie Schneider

In Memory of Kimberley E. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown
Betty L. Case
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Conrad, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John DeLassus
Barbara Erickson
Marguerite Farkas
May Gendron
Martha Greco
Donna Hughes
Marian Keirstead
Patricia Koberg
Mr. and Mrs. John Koontz
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kucler
Lakewood Hospital Thrift Shop
Mr. and Mrs. Dale LaPorte
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lesko
Seneca Levett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lewellen
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Marlatt
Aileen Maroon
Mr. and Mrs. David Mobley
Darlene Mulholland
Coletta Mulloy
Jean Nicholls
Mr. and Mrs. B. Niehaus
Margaret O’Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Oldenburg
PNC Wealth Management Department
Ann Patterson
Allyne Portmann
Alice Radefeld
Mr. and Mrs. John Raufus
Marilyn Regan
Patricia Rechin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reddy
Lynne Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roos
Janice Rosenberg & Team/ RE/MAX United
Linda Sheenan
Roberta Smith
Garnett Springate
Tony Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Urso
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Votteler
Wakefield Elementary School
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yaroma

In Memory of Russell Austin

Dr. Stephen Ruedrich & Dr. Loralee Marsh

In Memory of Daniel R. Beljan

Marcia Catalano

In Memory of Orville C. Britton

Viola Britton

In Memory of Ruth Butler

L. Richard Butler

In Memory of Wesley Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sech

In Memory of Cornel Crisan

Jaime Blandford
John Crisan
Tony Thomas

In Memory of Gean Delafield on her Birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rice

In Memory of James Dicus

Dusti Keller

In Memory of Bill and Marge Dochert

Mr. and Mrs. James Norris

In Memory of Dorothy Eash

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weil

In Memory of JoAnn M. Finnegan

Thomas Finnegan

In Memory of Chester Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Adelman
Tammy Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Andrist
Delphine Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Errol Brick
Edward Campbell
Center for Health Affairs
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen
Orville Cohen
John Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. James Dakin
Irma Dugan
Marcia Frauenthal
Thelma Goldberg
Judy Groh & John Marynak
Barbara Hawley & David Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hageman
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Hedrick
Josephson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Hersch Koblenz
Dottie Kozak
Susan Legome
Heidi Leen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lieberman
Erwin Lezberg & Rhea Seldon
Malley Family
Barbara & Stanley Meisel
Jim May & the Leadership Team Mercy Health
Barbara Morrison
Nora Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nau
Physicians and Staff of OHC
Susan Prior
David Ritter
Jim Rokakis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ross
Karen Rubin-Kugelman
Jeffrey Schloemer & Marcia Banker
Seven Hills School
Alex Stillpass & Lisa Pennekamp
The Tulenson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Valancy
Weidenthal Family
Valerie Weitz
Wire Products Co., Inc.

In Memory of Peter Graf

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sech

In Memory of Rodney Harter

Denise Cooper

In Memory of Ed Koscinski

Joanne Laurie-O’Brien
Frank and Mary Beth Skala

In Memory of Donna Lezberg

Edwin Lezberg

In Memory of Michael Lombardo

David and Kimberly
David and Ruth Barto
Carol and Carmen Caruso
Kathleen Delaney
Dusti Keller
Thomas and Barbara Perlatti
Helen Ramach
Harold and Joanne Schmuck
Florideo and Pauline Silvestro, Sr.
John and Hope Veldhuizen

In Memory of Joseph and Rose Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Finnegan

In Memory of Tom Marshall

Maureen Marshall

In Memory of Suzanne Holmes Menefee

Sara Santoli and Jason Markovc

In Memory of Tom Meredith

Cynthia Schulz

In Memory of Debra Meyer

Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP

In Memory of Norman Miller

Lynn and Judy Capper
Kenneth and Rose Metzgar
Diana Cross Phelps and Family
Jeff, Kim, Kennedy and Jaelen Rinkes
Joe Rinkes
Jon, Rachel, Jillian and Jaxon Rinkes
Janet Rinkes

In Memory of Patti Passerallo

Andrea Newcomer

In Memory of Mark Pienkowski

Karen Gardin
Tom Pienkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Salkin

In Memory of Arthur Reikowski

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tierney

In Memory of Jacqueline Roda

William Roda

In Memory of John J. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beniak
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bragg
Peggy Brooks
Mary Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jaeckin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kelleher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelleher
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loyd
Kay McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. John Neforos
Patsy Neforos
Mr. and Mrs. John Patton
John Perjeau & Jacqueline Kranyak
Judith Spilka
Paula Tomsick
Vicki Wadell

In Memory of Bernie and Grace Starver

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Finnegan

In Memory of Gerard Trepanier

Rosanne Corrigan
Shirley Manuso
Mary Street-Trepanier

In Memory of Mary Elizabeth “Lib” Ulery

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bauman
Kathleen Ulery

In Memory of Bob & Mary Lib Ulery

Beth Parnin

In Memory of John Wardley

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sech

Bobbie Roberts Fund

Bobbi Burkey

Gifts Through United Way

Kathleen Boos
Paul Boos
Mark McCaffrey
Mary Sauer
Jeanmarie Sikora
Kathleen Ulery

Employee Gift Giving Campaign JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Michael Schrader

Matching Gifts

Nordson Corporation

In-Kind Donations

Bitboyz LLC
Easterday, Inc. DBA HR Block
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Patton

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